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  • What do you see as the greatest benefits of the new Web 2.0 technologies? How have you used technology to transform your teaching? Web 2.0 seems to offer instant gratification to the user. This technology is a two way street as opposed to the one street of Web 1.0. If you know where to go you can easily find the answers to your questions and there may be someone reading your entries that will provide the answers that you need. I have not used technology at this time to change the way I teach in the classroom. I have used it for my own professional learning. I have a long way to go.
  • On the flip side, what do see as the greatest pitfalls of the new media? What might educators do to mitigate some of these problems? One of the downfalls I see with all of the technology is that we are creating a group of people that lack personal skills. They do not know how to talk to each other and problem solve without having someone step in and solve it for them. We also need to have teachers trained to teach the technology and have time to play to practice these new skills. Students need to have time to role play problem solving skills. Teachers need time to practice. Practice that should part of meetings and not added on to an already busy day.
  • What do you think educators most need to know to navigate the new digital landscape? What technological skills are necessary? How can teachers build the skills and knowledge they need? In order to successfully navigate this new technology, teachers need to be instructed and them given time to practice what we've learned. I would to have all of the skills of navigating each of these items i.e blogs , wikis. Practice, practice , practice will help build the skills need and reading good resources.
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